Friends@First Sight

IMG_2917After an adventurous break I am back to invoke the daisy faeries that are popular among worldwide Grandmothers’ popular folktales….

*.    *.    * .

If Hollywood has made over half of the Millenials’ planet fixated with the L-word [LOVE],

then Foreign Literature blessedly allowed me to trekk over the Paths of Five Leaved Clovers, Daisies and Edelweisses- cherishing so the F***** word at the first melodic sound of a whistleblow…..

NOPE! Not F*ck….



A Friend@FirstSight, one glance, one fraction of second that says a Million Words…. like URSafe….

One wink signing complicity and/or alliance at war….

Now these “Angels” know how to smize -i.e fashions industry’s term used to describe smiling at the talented photographer with your eyes….

These Angels have picked up or were born with the technique of pacing down your heart beats, turning your toxic adrenaline into endorphines – like magick- just when you were convinced you’d be about to get cornered with no mercy!

And you dont care about their names! You never even got a chance to find out their surmames!

Yet if there is a Destiny written on the Wind or somewhere, I am so excited about seeing, and seeing, and again seeing and believing that that lady with the neon-Royal Gala green eyes, Short hair and pony- like way of clopping her white sandals about is, still, smizing somewhere in Gaia and saving Human lives…..

wherever she clops….

The End.


Note. Joe H. from the shop thanks for the inspiration!:)

*.      *.      * .

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eagerly expecting comments to those of you who feel they might relate to my post! Luv ya readers….

On a souvent besoin dun plus petit que soie…. ( Fables d’Easop)Soie means silk


Now scrap that itchy scalp of you peoples,think! then carry on smiling fans friens followers ennemies menemies whatever hahaha

morejokes comin and maybe another joke ! Stay tuned!

La plus belle musique est le silence……

note in islam el diezmo is anonymous


I grew up reading books, taking dancing lessons and in a way looking for trouble! My Big Dream came true at age 29. Having broad life and work experience, I am comfortable in my shoes and wild in my imagination, which I share here and in my Books and Art. Updating on average every week, so keep checking out! Follow me!!!

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