How a Rejection Bite becomes a Positive Incentive Booster.

Rejection. And the always longest routes we take in order to avoid it…. yet, some of us have had to learn the way to construcitively embrace it, making it a volcano-like source of free Energy…. But how?

Once I was studying at University when I finally landed on a local job interview. Sounded ideal! Duties were to nag passers into joining a private gym. That day the candidates were scattered about the area on a two-hour unpaid trial…. When I thought that it could have turned out to be a two hour waste of time, hope and energy, I gave my best in some kind of awe, and as awkward as the job felt to me, when my time was up there were customers I had convinced…. queuing at the premises.

I had never enjoyed a bet so much. And also won it!

The boss was incredibly uneasy, saying how good at it I was, to the point he couldn’t hire me. Even after hearing this, inspiration was running up my system, I would have done the job for free, wouldn’t it be for my academic duties. At least the lad was honest!

His appraisal landed me on my dream job which was the next, I would ever be grateful to him, even today- the skills I had built up during thise two anguished hours gave me the means to survive inside unknown terrains…. for a decade more.

I learnt to deal with rejection, if one says no I’ll ask even better next time, and so I became successful in many aspects of my life- especially professional.

We cannot tug our heads into mummy’s bosom everytime we get a rude negative- no matter what the kind of negative. My answer is, try harder!

Take, for instance, Melanie. She was a grossly obese overseas School cleaner, always picked on by the kids in the playground, who called her “Big Mamma” and played tricks on her.

After 6 months she had a decent survival’s command of English, and, fed up with the spoilt western kids, she one day snatched a football from the playground bully and started to sing a funny song from her homeland.

At first they laughed at her louder, but once they heard the melody and funny acting they all fell into her spell, not wanting to go back to class or home after the bells rung, and behaving in a newly and very civilised manner. Melanie was offered an after school playwork job within the premises and soon regrouped her family back to her new land.

It is just amazing how rejection can strike the right chord!

Another case is Amanda. Always being pointed out for her strange sense of humour and telling stories, she could never get a date throughout college. Once a guy pretended to date her just for a bet. On the last day I saw her, the chicks leader told her ” you should start a career in drama” and so Amanda left the cantine- we thought she was crying….. but no. Amanda became a famous comedian on a popular channel, married a producer and has now four kids!

When I saw the chick who picked on her I started to mention Amanda and she quickly changed subjects in shame….

And to finish we must know Stuart “pinocchio” ‘s story. Pinocchio always had a nose bleed, was utterly clumsy and wanted to be an astronaut, a taxi driver, then a pilot…. His parents even had to change him schools, for he was cruelly bullied.

Once on my way to a conference, an elderly lady slipped over the snow as she got off the bus. I immediately recognised a firm voice crying out,

” Don’t move, Madame, just lay your head over this jacket, I’m a doctor, and the medics will be here in a few minutes.” To my surprise, it was Pinocchio, looking after an old lady who had hit her nose on the pavement!

I couldn’t help to let a tear drop from eye, for it was not the right moment to rekindle with old schoolmates, obviously….

So let’s face it. Rejection is not only a part of life, but of everyday life, til the very last day, it’s human nature.

So we can choose- either we let ourselves get crushed and make be miserable for a lifetime, or we instead alchemise it and let the giant within ourselves take the opportunity to awaken and succeed.

Sometimes a rude encounter, expecting to ruin our day, unconsciously unleashes a little known daredevil inside of us who is eager to regain its freedom.

Always pointed out as being broke? Let the gossiping orchestra go on for a little while longer, as you save your pennies for a five figure business you have always had in mind!

But please, always remember to forgive this rude individual….for maybe he was having a rough time, spotted the giant within you, the giant he or she does not have inside…. he has done you a priceless favour!

A bet is a bet.

The End.


I grew up reading books, taking dancing lessons and in a way looking for trouble! My Big Dream came true at age 29. Having broad life and work experience, I am comfortable in my shoes and wild in my imagination, which I share here and in my Books and Art. Updating on average every week, so keep checking out! Follow me!!!

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