A Letter to My Bones.

Oh Bones of mine, I beg you once again,

To take me places, allow me to spend,

But don’t let me commit stupidity…

Don’t let me fail to men.

You have inspired the bluest Love from so many of my encounters,

You have granted me amazing experiences during this life off-shore,

You obey me, I treat you rough, you don’t complain…. I don’t understand.

If you could only hear my voice asking myself to stop being foolish,

To stop a life of excess, to stop the way I’m reckless,

I wouldn’t be so moody.

So please help me come to my senses, oh my best friends,

Please let God forgive me, so that I can rest,

Lie on my bed, look back, and say “I did the right thing”.

The End.

Author: sandrasimagination.com

I grew up reading books, taking dancing lessons and in a way looking for trouble! My Big Dream came true at age 29. Having broad life and work experience, I am comfortable in my shoes and wild in my imagination, which I share here and in my Books and Art. Updating on average every week, so keep checking out! Follow me!!!

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