The Vain Cherry

I am a Cherry, they call me the Dolly

Swung by the July wind under a Sun so keen

Too high up for the farmers to pick me

Yet at a height where I can hear the laughter of fellow cherries.

Today is so perfect, I am ripe and the World loves me

The day is long my tan is getting deep

Even the birds celebrate the Beauty

That exceeds from a redness whose name is a mystery

The wind is playing about and teasing joyfully

My tree is so strong I can live beyond my dreams

I’m not scared of dying, the perfect day is near

Engraved onto my seed which is my heart I keep at rear

How can a day be so long while a minute flies like steam?

At the garden community of bees and foxes

One day I shall be no more, but thrown into a box

Some greedy kid will gobble me and forget to plant my seed

Thank Goodness my friends will save me as they have once promised me:

The best best place in the wilderness by a cemetery

Where the snow disrupts the cities then melts like ice cream

Oh, no! A lady is picking us… I can’t help but to scream

The wind has taken away her bank card and ID

In return for daring to choose me so randomly

In a truck, at full speed, I feel surprised to enjoy this unexpected journey

I might not see the sun again, nor the foxes, or the bees

Yet I will certainly become part of some ideal feast

I had the time to say goodbye to my maker the Cherry Tree

He said I would be fine, and that one day become like he.

The End.

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